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The Best Defense - Populists Get a Job

How Do We Monetize the Enforcement of Societal Borders?

“With the threat of populist uprising comes the opportunity for Populist Security. It helps everyone sleep better at night.” —GotaJob






Sometimes public streets belie the presence of invisible community borders.




Populist Professionals can provide a service for the newly exclusive residents.


Residents that sponsor the project go right through the gate without delay.




Supporters are also automatically enrolled in a coordinated home patrol service.


With this system, other neighbors come to know whose homes are being monitored.



Day or night, Populist Professionals are ever vigilant and always on the job.

We’ve Got Your Back

“The security system signs on the front lawns of these lovely homes don’t have quite the same impact as we do. We are the unofficial gatekeepers to this neighborhood, and residents now respect the service we offer. We monitor the coming-and-goings of traffic, and we also systematically patrol the neighborhoods, making this a full service security canvassing operation.

This neighborhood is bordered by our own community; our clients are our neighbors. So, who could be better at keeping an eye on their safety than us Populist Professionals?”


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