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Populists on Parade - Populists Get a Job

How Can We Turn Performance Into Populist Sponsorship?

“Populist Professionals should parade on behalf of civic improvement—parade for something that hits close to home… and bring it to people’s doorsteps.” —SuzyPopsPro






Sometimes a quiet, peaceful neighborhood could benefit from a little excitement.




A spontaneously-formed parade is an ideal spectacle for local residents.


This is also an opportunity for Populist Professionals to show off their talents.




A parade is a good way to spread awareness about community-improvement projects.


Performance and advocacy are all that is needed to create a Populist Industry.

Revive the Rialto!

“We want to rescue a historic theatre that has been shuttered and condemned, and recreate it as a Populist-run commercial and cultural space. However, we need the support of our community to accomplish that.

This is where the idea for the parades came from. The residents of our city know our mission by now—we are bringing the spectacle of community revitalization to their doorsteps. I think the community is starting to come around to our idea of financial investment, as they invest in us we can make their home a better place.”


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